Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Job board mystique..... and the need for cover information

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Picture it, dire Reader.

Deep in HTS's secret mountainside nerve-centre, our lead consultant is scrolling through the latest CV postings on an internet job board. She's looking for a Business Systems Analyst* with strong Business Objects experience (or "strong BO"). Naturally, some of the four million candidates turning up in her search have all the relevant terms on their CVs, but are, on closer inspection, not Business Systems Analysts* with strong Business Objects experience. No: they are golf coaches, mobile aquarium attendants and horse whisperers. But some of the candidates in her search results are Business Systems Analysts* with strong Business Objects.

She smiles.

'A hearty yield,' she says, reaching across the control panel to open the CV document of a promising-looking candidate.

Then she stops. Her finger hovers.
Her finger moves to the left. Drops on a button set into a small box.

'Lemuel, hold my calls.'

Before you can say 'Yes, ma'am', Lemuel has said, 'Yes, ma'am'.

The consultant nods to herself. Something on the screen has drawn her attention.

Some avant-garde maverick has gone and posted a CV with absolutely no cover information at all. Despite the fact that this particular job board enables you to indicate where you live, what your current job is, where you work, what sort of role you're looking for, how much money you're after, whether you're looking for permanent of temporary work, and possibly some other things.

Nothing. To get any information about this cat, the consultant is going to have to open the CV and find all that stuff out for herself.

She looks up. The Boss is approaching. She can hear her ice cubes tinkling. Walking over, the Boss sets down her glass. The crystal makes a thud. 'Something interesting?'

'Just some fascinating daredevil who plays by his own rules,' the lead consultant says. 'Just some straight-talking cattle-hustler who isn't afraid to ask the hard questions.'

The Boss says, 'What?'

'I like this guy,' the consultant hisses. 'I like his style.' A jab at a button. 'Lemuel? Bring me my cat-fur. I've found the candidate I'm looking for - and I'm going to bring him in.'

Alternatively, you could picture the following scene.

Our lead consultant is looking for a Business Systems etc* and her search results bring up five million results and she's zipping through them and she doesn't look at your CV because she didn't even notice it because it has no cover information at all. She might notice it later on, but she might not.

Moral of the second story: if you're using job boards, get the important information up front.

Oh and btw, don't think because it's coming up to Christmas, we are slowing down. Vacancies are coming in thick and fast. WE NEED YOUR CV ( plus cover info of course)


Friday, 6 December 2013

HPC Application & Support Analyst Developer, 30K-40K+ Generous Pension, Warwickshire

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HPC Application & Support Analyst Developer, 30K-40K+ Generous Pension, Warwickshire

Job Reference:WS/JH/15417

Job Title:HPC Application & Support Analyst Developer, 30K-40K+ Generous Pension, Warwickshire
Salary:£30k to £40K + Generous Pension
Location:West Midlands
Job Description :Application & Support Analyst Developer, 30K-40K+ Generous Pension, Warwickshire

Our client is looking for an experienced HPC Applications and Support Analyst to expand the pre-sales and post-sales technical support, training and consultancy activity at their Warwick office.
Keywords: developer, programmer, support, applications analyst, HPC, high performance computing, parallel computing, C++, fortran, linux, unix, scientific programming, West Midlands, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Coventry, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Northamptonshire
You'll be part of a talented and fun team, passionate about scientific computing and about doing the job well.

This is an opportunity to work at the cutting edge of development tools for parallel and multi-threaded computing.

A strong customer-oriented approach is required, providing first line support for development tools, training and application performance and debugging consultancy.

Candidates will need to hold a good post-graduate degree or equivalent in a mathematical/scientific computing discipline. Experience developing HPC software and working with both large scale HPC codes and with Linux/Unix HPC systems is essential.
This job is UK-based and is open to candidates eligible to work in the UK.

Main Duties
• Work as part of a small team to deliver high quality first level of support to customers and prospects
• Provide technical consulting to customers installing and using client's products
• Prepare and deliver technical training, workshops and documentation materials at customer sites
• Provide occasional debugging and profiling consulting at customer sites
• Work with customers to increase tool adoption and to build customer relationships
• Write and develop on-line technical collateral, including training material, blogs and white papers

Experience and Skills
• Good post-graduate degree or equivalent in computer science, maths or computational sciences
• Strong parallel programming skills (OpenMP, MPI, CUDA and/or OpenCL)
• Fortran and C/C++ experience
• Hands-on experience of HPC, using batch schedulers, profilers, debuggers, compilers, etc.
• Excellent communication skills and written English.

Desirable but not essential:
• Experience using DDT and/or MAP
• Prior experience as an applications analyst
• Knowledge of different HPC applications
• Knowledge of UNIX/Linux system administration.
This position will require around 25% travel throughout Europe (mainly), depending on location and business opportunities.
CVs to Jayne at HTS.
0121 687 1234
07970 494916

Connect with us at LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jaynehannon
Or follow the link to our popular blog: www.hts.mrresourceful.blogspot.com
Visit our website: www.hts.co.uk

HTS, Specialist Recruiters. Contract and Permanent Vacancies.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Graduates! Graduates! Would you like to be earning £50K in 5 years time?


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Guaranteed graduate job, anyone?

Students! Best opportunity around!

Graduate Developer, any language as x-training provided, potential to be earning c£50K in 5 years’ time. Don’t miss this opportunity! West Midlands

Our client, a highly regarded and well-established Microsoft centric organisation based in the West Midlands, has requirements for two Graduate Software Developers with exposure to any language considered.

This is a junior role, but typically successful candidates will be heavily involved in new projects and more complex customisations within 2-3 years.

Training of six weeks of residential intensives course in Staffordshire will be provided over the first four months (two weeks in January, then a week per month until May) alongside guidance by your mentor using Microsoft self-study learning material, Prometric testing and on the job experience.
Microsoft Certifications will need to be achieved within the relevant areas of functionality.

Developing new / changed software to new and existing customers.
To provide assistance to the development team (MS SQL database management, code management).
Writing reports for customers using Visual Studio / SQL Report Builder.
Assisting with testing and diagnosis of resulting solutions including providing helpdesk assistanc
Computing Science / Computing for Business / IT or Business 2:1 or 1st class degree
classifications ONLY with programming experience
1. Software development (any language)
2. Analytical
3. Attention to detail
Desirable skills
SQL Reporting skills / Microsoft .Net skills

Commutable from West Midlands, Birmingham, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire
In order to take advantage of this great opportunity please send your CV without delay to jayne@hts.co.uk.


CVs to Jayne at HTS.
0121 687 1234
07970 494916
Connect with us at LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jaynehannon
Or follow the link to our popular blog: www.hts.mrresourceful.blogspot.com
Visit our website: www.hts.co.uk
HTS, Specialist Recruiters. Contract and Permanent Vacancies

You're welcome!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Apple- why I won't bite!

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Apple - why I won't bite


Mrs Resourceful is an outdoor kind of lady. She can name plants. Her favourite novelist is Jack Bivouac (favourite novel: Off the Road). She enjoys the kind of walks where you have to stop and bang your shoes against stiles to get the mud off. It was on one of these walks that I had my one fleeting experience of owning an Apple iPhone.

We found it in some forest or other, just lying there, an Apple in the woods. In order to find the owner, I had to pretend for about half an hour that it was my phone. Hundreds of phone calls, some wildlife photography and a little internet browsing later, we arranged a meeting with the owner, who met us by a church I'd sent his wife photographs of. I think I also sent her a Wikipedia entry and a map. The owner showed up almost sobbing with gratitude. His child was in the back of the car, also sobbing with joy. The owner gave us a bottle of wine.

I could see why he was happy to have the iPhone back - my phone doesn't even have a camera.
Imagine! A phone without a camera!

Here's the thing, though: all this happened a while ago. That guy's phone is now old news. It's nowhere near as flashy as the new iPhone, which has greatly increased capabilities and a toaster.
Imagine! A phone without a toaster!

Radio 4 recently had a feature about how Apple is set to become the biggest corporation on the planet, and things that big exert a lot of gravitational pull. And yes, I would love, say, an iMac. But even though I consider their products veritable style icons, I can't get into Apple.

My problem is this: I don't want to buy a style icon only to find that it is superseded a few months later. A few years ago I came close to buying an iMac, back in the days when I considered buying expensive things. But by the time I'd sold a kidney to fund the purchase (not mine, thankfully), there'd been a press release about a newer version, which was thinner and had some sort of black trimming. Imagine if I'd bought the old one!
Imagine! A computer without black trimming!

Style icons shouldn't evolve too quickly. Sinclair brought out some variations on the ZX Spectrum, but everyone knows what the real thing looked like; there was only one definitive model. But Apple try to keep us perpetually frothing at the chops over their next release, and I don't want to do all that frothing, thanks. Until they slow down, I'll stick with a cheap laptop that works, and view the Apple parade from afar.

Interestingly, I managed to convince an owner of the old iPhone last weekend that my phone is the new iPhone. My phone is actually a Doro Easyphone, which I got, truth be told, as a joke. It has big buttons, a deafening ring tone, an emergency button on the back that you can press if you fall down and break your hip. No internet, no camera, no toaster. But my interlocutor clearly believed me. I had to explain to the iPhone owner that I was kidding. In retrospect, I should have sold it to her.
You see, if the cool companies change their flagship products every other week, nobody knows if your piece of crap is, or isn't, the latest incarnation of something ultra desirable.

You could have some fun with that.

Mr Resourceful

Thursday, 14 November 2013

the whys and wherefores of interview tips

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the whys and wherefores of interview tips

I've said before - haven't I, Reader, haven't I? - that books on job interview tips are inevitably 99% fluff, because all meaningful job interview tips are self-evident and require no explication.
  • Dress smart.
  • Don't eat a boiled sweet during the interview.
  • Research the company beforehand.
  • Don't badmouth your last employer.
  • Don't cancel the interview THE DAY BEFORE and ask if it can be rescheduled for next week.
Granted, there are some tips that raise questions. For example:
My tip: Ask questions.
You: What kind of questions?
Me: Good question.
The thing is, these kinds of questions can usually be answered in short sentences:
Me: Ask questions that show you're interested in the company, and questions that show you've researched the company.
You: Such as?
Me: (suddenly rising and overturning a table) Can't you people think for yourself for once? Can't you even -
Anyway, I was thinking today how maybe I'm wrong. Maybe some of my interview advice isn't as perspicuous as I imagined. At any rate, recruiters like me keep posting interview tips on blogs, and candidates keep turning up to interviews dressed in jeans, eating boiled sweets, and slagging off their previous employers. So, to begin to make amends, let me expand a little on the tips listed above.
  • Be clean, wear a suit, tuck things in. Why? Because there are occasions where it's appropriate to wear a certain kind of clothing, and a job interview is one of those occasions.
  • Don't eat boiled sweets during an interview. Why? Because you're not seven years old, you're not in a playground, and also you don't want to drool while you're discussing Unix shell scripting. (If you naturally drool while discussing Unix shell scripting, seek counsel.)
  • You should research the company. Why? Because you're going for a job interview. A job interview is where you show that you want to work at the company in question. If you don't know anything about the company, you can't do that.
  • You should avoid badmouthing your last employer for the excellent reason that the people interviewing you are not your personal therapists. They are here to talk about how you may or may not fit into their organisation; anything else is a waste of their time. They could be doing other things, fun things, with the time that you are wasting. They could be standing around playing a game they call 'Firing Squad', which involves firing rubber bands at a polystyrene cup placed on top of a filing cabinet, a cup to which they have affixed a tiny blindfold made of masking tape - or sometimes they call the game 'Gangsta Drug Bust', which is a variation that includes some slow-motion leaping and diving and addressing the cup as 'honky'. But no - they're listening to you moan about how you were the only person in your office who ever made coffee.
  • Re. cancelling the interview THE DAY BEFORE and asking if it can be rescheduled for next week - how do you think this makes you look? If you can't show up on a day you've already agreed to show up on, and you're okay with leaving your prospective employers with two hours and an empty room to fill, what else will you not be able to do? If you're unreliable even before you get the job, how much more unreliable will you become once you have your feet under a desk? Presuming you ever turn up for work at all.
Hope this helps!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Recruitment: rewarding the bad guys.....

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Recruitment: rewarding the bad guys.....

Employers of the world! Today I’d like to talk type to you about bad recruiters.

The shoddy ones who don’t understand your requirements!

The ones who spam you with CVs of candidates they either haven’t spoken to or haven’t spoken to enough!

The ones who fail to represent the good candidates well and oversell the mediocre ones!

The ones who don’t know how to punctuate!

What if I told you that there’s a magic-wand-like method you can use to get rid of the shoddy recruiters you always seem to be moaning about?

It’s this: stop giving them money.

That’s right.

[Taking a breath.]

If some agent puts out an ad and gets an application and sends you a generic CV and fails to do the work of demonstrating how the candidate fits your job, and you reject the CV, and the agent shrugs his or her shoulder-pads and forgets about it, case closed, and then you engage us because of the other agency's wanton whateverishness and we speak at length to the same candidate and discover, through putting in actual, literal time and effort, just how this candidate fits your role, and although we know his CV has already been spammed to you anyway, and although…

[Taking a breath.]

…the other agency didn’t bother to even tell the candidate that he was rejected, we decide that this is the right candidate for you, and our job is to get you the right candidate, and so we talk to you about the candidate and you agree to revisit the application, and the candidate says he wants us to represent him, not that bone-idle big-name agency that showed him no duty of care, and after revisiting the application you decide you want to INTERVIEW the candidate…


…you don't necessarily have to cut us out and reward the shoddy agency for a job badly done, when you wouldn’t even be considering this candidate any more if we hadn’t intervened.

Or, rather, it's sort of self-defeating to cut us out and then complain about agencies being shoddy.

No sir. We could have let this candidate's CV languish in your deleted items. We didn’t. We fought his corner like the Littlest Hobo defending one of his many temporary owners from muggers, and now some big agency novice is rubbing his hands because you’re considering paying him (the agent, not the Littlest Hobo) a full fee for doing virtually nothing, and he probably won't even send us a card.

And meanwhile the boutique agencies that do the job properly are vanishing.

Split the fee, at the very least. That way you chasten the sloppy agency for doing a bad job while giving them money they never expected, so they can hardly complain, and you reward the good agency for doing the right thing, and it doesn't cost you a penny extra, and you get the right candidate for your job. LIterally a win-win-win-win situation. Hoorah!

Moral of the story: the bad guys are only bad because, despite being bad, you keep paying 'em. And the good guys are only scarce because they do the bad guys' work and don't get anything for it.


Friday, 2 August 2013

A Job with Benefits!

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Look what we have for you! Apply today- I'd like this job myself. Look at the benefits package. This is an employer that values his employees, without a doubt!


• On the job and formal training in the various Microsoft technologies;
• Support in gaining formal Microsoft certifications;
• Some home working;
• 24 days annual leave plus bank holiday (plus bonus 3 day Christmas shutdown subject to performance)
• Company mobile phone which can be used for personal use (within reason)
• Free refreshments fridge
• Regular company social events and paid for team lunches
• Subsidised attendance at MS and industry events;
• Support for relevant out of work activities, for example user groups, presenting, blogs etc.
• Corporate support for charity fundraising events or positive social action activities

Asp.Net / C# Developer, Midlands, to c. £35K ( more if you are exceptional!)

Our client is an established software company and a Microsoft Gold partner specialising in the latest Microsoft and .NET technologies and in developing packaged applications. They are looking for a Developer to become a key member of the development team working on bespoke and packaged applications utilising the latest .NET technologies. 

Job Description
You will need to be a self-starter, willing to work hard and be able to fit in well with a small team.  You will be involved in the full life cycle of application development including documenting requirements, producing designs, build and test, release and on-going support.  You will have the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of application development.

A computer science or related degree with a high level of computer science content.
You will be a motivated self-starter.  You should be able to learn on the job with minimal supervision.
Passion for creating great applications and solving customer problems.
Keenness to learn new skills and technologies.
An interest in the Microsoft development community.
Ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts well.
Commercial experience with ASP.NET/C#

Mob: 07970 494916
Tel: 0121 687 1234
Email: jayne@hts.co.uk
Connect with us at LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jaynehannon
Or follow the link to our popular blog http://mrresourceful.blogspot.com/

HTS, Specialist Recruiters. Contract and Permanent Vacancies

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Operations Analyst Required please........

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Great Company! Great Job! 4 Days on/ 4 Days off
 (what you could do with 4 Days Off!)

IT Operations Shift Analyst, Herts, to £45k inc. shift allowance

Our massively successful client is looking for a Support Analyst to monitor all operational IT environments and serve as the initial point of contact between the data centre, external suppliers and the business. 
The focus of the role is critical application support on a mainly Unix based infrastructure together with network, comms connectivity and client issues.  It’s a hands-on role involving troubleshooting and resolution of 1st line issues across all business and office systems. 

Skills required:
• Excellent communication skills
• Experience of supporting critical production infrastructure
• An appreciation of, and exposure to, Unix and MS Windows domain based systems
• Basic understanding of SQL/Oracle would be beneficial.
• Methodical approach to problem solving and attention to detail.
The role involves working a 4-on/4-off days and nights shift patterns, so flexibility is key; candidates ideally should have their own transport.
This is not a Unix or Windows Systems Admin role nor a Network Admin role but one of application monitoring and support in a networked Unix and Windows environment. 

Sound like a match?  Please send a CV ASAP to Jayne at HTS.
Jayne Hannon
Senior Consultant
Connect with us at LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jaynehannon

Or visit our website www.hts.co.uk

HTS, Specialist Recruiters. Contract and Permanent Vacancies

Friday, 28 June 2013

Great client needs Technical Author, Graduate or Skilled- read on!


Great client needs Technical Author,

Graduate or Skilled

- read on!

We have a fantastic new opening for all Technical Authors and would-be Technical Authors.........Reply today- really is an exciting opportunity not to be missed.

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Technical Author, Graduate or Skilled,
Midlands, UK, Competitive salary
Job Description
An award-winning, world-leading developer of advanced software for industry, with more than 40,000 customers in over 80 countries, is looking for a Technical Author, both skilled and a Graduate trainee.
Keywords: Technical author, technical writer, graduates, degree, science, scientific, engineering, Birmingham, midlands, west midlands, warwickshire, worcestershire
For  Graduate position
• You should have a first or upper second class degrees in a science or engineering discipline with strong writing skills; or in an arts-based discipline with a strong interest in and an understanding of technology.
• You need a real enthusiasm for explaining and communicating cutting-edge applications.
As part of one of the fastest-growing companies in their field, you will work alongside the other technical authors and liaise with software developers, application engineers, and translators in an environment that is both challenging and rewarding. As your skills develop, you will be expected to work using your own initiative to create user documentation for one of our products used in a huge range of sectors .
For skilled Technical Author position
• They require a productive Technical Author with at least 2 years’ experience to create user documentation for their products, having a strong interest in technical computing.
• An excellent degree in a science or engineering discipline combined with strong writing skills; or an excellent degree in an arts-based discipline combined with a strong interest in and understanding of technology
• Willingness to work in a fast-moving and exciting development environment.
• Innovative ideas for enhancing the product documentation.
• Excellent writing skills.
• Proof-reading skills.
• Ability to communicate with technical experts.
• Good organisational skills.
• Proficiency in authoring tools, preferably: AuthorIT, Word, Snagit.
• Confident with mathematical concepts.
• Ability to produce writing that conforms to a house style.
• Ability to work in a team and to work independently.
• An enquiring mind!
They offer competitive salaries, a company pension scheme, flexible working, private medical cover, and an annual bonus scheme to enable all our staff to share in our success.
EU applicants only please.
Sound like a match?  Please send a CV asap to Jayne at HTS Recruitment.
Jayne Hannon
Senior Consultant
Connect with us at LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jaynehannon

Or visit our website www.hts.co.uk
HTS, Specialist Recruiters. Contract and Permanent Vacancies

Thursday, 13 June 2013

1st Line Support Analyst / Helpdesk Support, West Midlands, to £18K + benefits

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1st Line Support Analyst / Helpdesk Support, West Midlands, to £18K + benefits

Do you have support desk skills, a knowledge of Windows, Ms Office and  Sql Server with ideally a Software House background? Then read on! We have a great job with an amazing client ( wish I could apply myself) and they can't wait to hear from you.

1st Line Support Analyst / Helpdesk Support, West Midlands, to £18K + benefits

Our award-winning, market-leading client has a superb new opportunity for a 1st Line Support Analyst.

The role involves working with customers to implement products, plus to provide support and help in the on-going use of products.


The applicant will be required to have an excellent standard of interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills with the ability to understand and record customer requirements and explain technical or complex solutions to customers in writing or over the phone.

  1. Applicants should have good IT skills including Microsoft Windows (XP, 2K3, Vista & Windows 7), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Visio) and good working knowledge of Microsoft SQL 2K/2K5/2K8 Server.
  2. Previous experience in a similar helpdesk support role is highly desirable.

The Customer Services 1st Line Support Analyst provides technical support and user assistance to customers.

Duties include:
- Handling customer requests (via e-mail, telephone or web portal) and logging them in our service management tool.

- Providing customers with software usage advice.
- Identifying the appropriate priorities and required actions (e.g. escalation).
- Running SQL scripts on MS SQL Servers.
- Providing updates and detailed product release information.
- Collating product enhancement suggestions.
- To work to increase professionalism and standards in all areas of the co.
- To actively review and share product enhancement ideas as appropriate.
- To actively review and share ideas on improving the department and company.
- To show initiative and commitment to developing job and product knowledge
Required Experience
• Minimum of 1 years’ experience of:-
• Working in an IT Development / IT Support environment

Additional Desirable Experience

• Technical documentation skills
• Understanding of XML helpful
• Experience of using Microsoft SQL Server 2K, 2K5, 2K8
• Familiarity with managing data in Microsoft Access and Excel
• Understanding of database structures, theories, principles, and practices
• Server-client and web based computing and relational database environments



Email:  jayne@hts.co.uk
Mob: 07970 494916

Tel: 0121 687 1234


Connect with us at LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jaynehannon
Or visit our website www.hts.co.uk
HTS, Specialist Recruiters. Contract and Permanent Vacancies

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Java Developers needed now:-

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Well, thank goodness, at last things are looking up!

There is a definite improvement in the jobs market and just to start you off - well those of you who consider yourselves to be above average Java Developers- we have a number of vacancies with a fantastic client, an on-line retailer who will give your career the boost it's been waiting for. Apply now and don't miss out on these fantastic opportunites.

Java Developer (s), Herts, Web, £32K to £55K + Great  Benefits

Our massively successful client is an online retailer looking for Java Developers to be a core-part of the technical team and work closely with the business, UX team and the wider team to deliver a modern, scalable, high-traffic, robust web-application which  is set to become a household name. They embrace agile techniques and run projects using cross-functional Scrum teams.

Our client’s newly formed team is looking for skilled Java developers to develop a green-field, consumer facing, web-application within a fast-paced, start-up-style environment.
They have got a  rare-opportunity to start very nearly from scratch here, so you'll have the opportunity to work with a modern technology stack, including:

• Spring MVC
• Tomcat
• Selenium
• JQuery
• Java
• Oracle
• Mercurial, Maven, Jenkins etc
Key Skills:


• 2:1 or First class degree in Computer Science or Joint Maths & Computing from good university
• Strong A-levels including A in Maths and either Physics, Further Maths or Computing
• Demonstrable Java programming ability.

Salary: Dependent on experience plus Pension, AXA health care, Critical Illness cover, Share Option, Share Save Scheme, 23 days holiday, 15% staff discount and more
Sound like a match?  Please send a CV ASAP to Jayne at HTS.
0121 766 6626
07970 494916

Connect with us at LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jaynehannon

HTS, Specialist Recruiters. Contract and Permanent Vacancies.

And, if you don't happen to be a Java Developer, no problem.

Visit our website: www.hts.co.uk where I'm sure you will find something to suit.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

You will be so glad you dropped in on our Blog if you are an ASP.NET (C#.NET) Developer.

You will be so glad you dropped in on our Blog if you are an ASP.NET (C#.NET) Developer.

 This is undoubtedly the best move you will have made today! Apply now and you could be working for the kind of company you have always wanted to be with.

Our client is looking for an ASP.NET (C#.NET) Developer (eCommerce), West Midlands £35-40k package.
Favourite client!
Brief Details of position.
ASP.NET (C#.NET) Developer (eCommerce), West Midlands £35-40k package
Our client has a requirement for an industrious, reliable  ASP.NET (C#) Developer to develop e-commerce solutions for customers.
Suitable candidates will have solid C#/ASP.NET development experience working on e-commerce sites.
Find out more about this great position at:
Call: 07970 494916
or: 0121 687 1234

HTS, Specialist Recruiters to the IT Industry. Contract and Permanent Vacancies

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blogging styles: orthodox and mystical

There are two classical schools of blogging:

1. The traditionalistic, ultra-orthodox school that insists on posting things on your blog with some sort of frequency, and...

2. The free-wheeling, mystical, esoteric school that focuses on the meditative side of blogging.  Specifically, it focuses on just letting your blog sit there meditating while you do other things, like work, eat crisps, etc.

I lean towards the latter, more introspective school, as you can see from my recent posts.  But there are some things - quite a few things, actually - that one simply cannot communicate without doing some communicating.  

'What like?' you ask. 

Well, you can't ask questions, for a start.  Questions like:

Are there any C# Developers with Silverlight or WPF in the Midlands who are looking for a new role with a fantastic, very successful company with lovely offices?

And -

If so, can you send my colleague your CV?  Jayne@hts.co.uk.  Thanks.

Also, you can't impart advice on how to get a job or switch jobs in a market where everyone is trying to get a new job.  

With this in mind, I've decided to write a short series of posts addressing different aspects of job-hunting from the perspective of someone who spends all day looking at CVs, matching them to job specs, weeping over the relentless frequency with which he has to correct people's spellings of the word 'liaise', etc. 

Stop by tomorrow if you're currently looking at the jobs market and want some old-fashioned type-written advice (or if you find yourself thrust into that position between now and tomorrow).

Next post: Job-hunters take note: not standing out is the new standing out

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