Tuesday, 18 February 2014

ask damn questions, dammit

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 ask damn questions, dammit

Many* of my Readers enjoy sending me constructive criticism and requests - and you know what?

I listen.

I listen because it's the fans who make this all worthwhile. That's why I always take care to read every reader's email, no matter how inane, and send a personalised reply, then track them down and leap out at them. They deserve nothing less.

Now, many* of my Readers ask me, 'Nick, could you occasionally write bite-sized job-seeking and interview tips that can be consumed without my having to plough through all the usual tedious padding?'
Well, today, I thought I'd give the readers what they're begging for, so I can get this over with and resume eating a toasted sandwich.
Here's my top interview tip for the day. Some readers may have noticed that I gave this same advice in my last post.

Tip: Ask questions, damn it!

No, not about how much holiday you get. Ask about the technology that the company produces (if relevant). Ask what makes the company unique. Ask what interests them about your background. Ask what are the strongest and weakest links on their production chain. Ask about the company culture and how it differs from that of your current or last company. Ask ask ask.
Next post: some stuff about asking questions that I couldn't fit into this post because of some readers' unreasonable demands.

* Many? I meant 'none'.