Wednesday, 30 November 2011

blog, reborn

Behold! The new HTS blog stirs in the smoky ashes, opens its eyes, peers up at you and coughs.

We've moved from to a little known blogging platform named, quaintly, 'Blogger', engineered by some upstart named 'Google'. Essentially, it's the same as Typepad, but is free more supportive of my technical preferences.

The quality of postings will remain the same, for which I apologise. Loyal readers from across the whole spectrum of my immediate family can look forward to the same middling articles served up every six months at intervals. Of course, the old articles are still here if you want to relive the old days. Or you could just move on.

Seriously, just move on.

We'll post the usual thoughts on careers, new jobs, recruitment and such like, as well as info about new services we'll be offering, such as our Appraisal Administration service, hitherto reserved for those private clients who are sick of automated 360-degree feedback systems and prefer for their peer appraisals to be handled by actual humans.

Next post: Ending your blog's first post without resorting to cheap tricks.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

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