Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blogging styles: orthodox and mystical

There are two classical schools of blogging:

1. The traditionalistic, ultra-orthodox school that insists on posting things on your blog with some sort of frequency, and...

2. The free-wheeling, mystical, esoteric school that focuses on the meditative side of blogging.  Specifically, it focuses on just letting your blog sit there meditating while you do other things, like work, eat crisps, etc.

I lean towards the latter, more introspective school, as you can see from my recent posts.  But there are some things - quite a few things, actually - that one simply cannot communicate without doing some communicating.  

'What like?' you ask. 

Well, you can't ask questions, for a start.  Questions like:

Are there any C# Developers with Silverlight or WPF in the Midlands who are looking for a new role with a fantastic, very successful company with lovely offices?

And -

If so, can you send my colleague your CV?  Thanks.

Also, you can't impart advice on how to get a job or switch jobs in a market where everyone is trying to get a new job.  

With this in mind, I've decided to write a short series of posts addressing different aspects of job-hunting from the perspective of someone who spends all day looking at CVs, matching them to job specs, weeping over the relentless frequency with which he has to correct people's spellings of the word 'liaise', etc. 

Stop by tomorrow if you're currently looking at the jobs market and want some old-fashioned type-written advice (or if you find yourself thrust into that position between now and tomorrow).

Next post: Job-hunters take note: not standing out is the new standing out

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